Everything in life just happens, randomly, without cause or reason.

When things invariably don’t go ‘our’ way, the mind responds defiantly, in protest, blame, resistance. It asks, “why is this happening to me …” and demands a logical explanation, a reason, a cause for everything. Ultimately most answers prove unsatisfactory.

Experience has shown us that inevitably we have no choice, but to accept all events, outcomes; our desires and wishes are inconsequential to the flow of life.

Understanding we have no power, or ability to control, manipulate or influence life is a challenging and unpleasant notion. It essentially extinguishes our sense of identity and personal doership, ridiculing our dreams, goals, ambitions, achievements; the thing we have cultivated, grown and hold so dearly.

Being a believer in God or atheist, or debating science over religion, the afterlife is fruitless, inconsequential. All beliefs are a random thoughts, subject to change at whim; beliefs themselves cannot shield one from pain.

Everyday each of us we must concede we are ultimately powerless to life, to our destiny, no-one is immune from this truth. Our life (as we know it) is essentially an exaggerated, compounded series of thoughts, sense perceptions, built upon the pronoun ‘I’ and the statement, “my life is …”

Without ‘I’ there is no story to even tell.

Actually, life is neither mine or yours, we don’t own anything we simply ‘think’ we do; ultimately, life simply is. Realising this truth will not render ‘your’ existence futile, on the contrary, it most assuredly lead to liberation, freedom, power itself …