There is no prerequisite for being spiritual; we are all essentially spiritual, transcendent, mystic by nature. The experience of perpetual, random, contradictory thoughts places us in this spiritual realm by default. Whether one wishes to identify themselves as spiritual is immaterial; being human gives rise to this description.

The real problems arises when spiritual seekers (and religious folk) view themselves as ‘more spiritual or holy than others,’ based on elusive, self-defined arbitrary trait and behaviours, including:

– Food habits (Do you really eat innocent animals? … I’m a vegan)

– Spiritual practices / rituals (How often do you pray and meditate? … I try and do 4 hours daily)

– Beliefs in higher entities (What God do you worship? … I hope it’s the right one)

– Temperament and demeanor (Do you ever curse or get angry? … I always in inner silence)

– Attitudes towards wealth (Is that your BMW? … You should sell it and give more to the poor?)

All spiritual benchmarks are self-righteous; a vain attempt to place ourselves in category of superhuman.

We fail to observe that whether saint or sinner each of us experiences every human emotion or condition at some point: hurt, anger, envy, pride, vanity, lust, greed. Each of us is prone to desiring wealth, fame, attention – and everything in between. And each of us will experience fear, loneness, depression, even thoughts of ending it all. Despite our best efforts and intentions, we will stumble, fall, make errors in judgments, and have regrets. We will also hurt those we love, to distance ourselves from our own sufferings.

But it’s ok, it’s all ok, we are all human. Our actions are not our fault per se, or even of our choosing and volition. If they were, we’d NEVER make any mistakes, ever. By virtue of the fact we have indiscriminate, fickle, arbitrary thoughts, any possibly of actions are liable to transpire, at any given time.

To beat oneself up by comparing ourselves to others (who we believe to be perfect / happier / more spiritual) or to cast stones to make ourselves feel superior serves no purpose. All we can do, should do, is to accept our unique nature, without label or judgment, and see what thus transpires …