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101 Theories

101 intriguing theories

3_As if

As If You Were There: A refreshing real-time walk through science from the Big Bang to the Big Crunch

2_Electron book

Girl Searching for a Quirky Electron: A science mystery for inquisitive children (and adults as well)


What are the odds?: From being hit by a space rock to buying a little happiness

4A_101 insights

101 insights into your mind

Available in paperback and Kindle ebook from Amazon websites / Also available as iBook from iTunes Store / Search for ‘Surendra Verma’

Other Books

5_Tunguska HB

6_Tunguska PB

8_Tunguska Italian

7_Tunguska Hungarian

10_Tunguska Chinese

9_Tunguska Polish

The Tunguska Fireball: Solving One of the Great Mysteries of the 20th Century
Icon Books, UK, 2005, hb / Icon Books, UK / Totem Books, USA, 2006, pb (published as The Mystery of the Tunguska Fireball)

Polish (Amber, 2005, pb) / Hungarian (Partvonal, 2005, hb) / Chinese (Naihai Publishing, 2005, pb) / Italian (Mondadori, 2006, pb)

From Reviews
‘Verma waltzes the reader through the process of scientific debate.’ The Guardian, UK

‘Readers who like scientific detective stories will find this book very appealing.’ Astronomy Now, UK

12_WHY pb 2

why h-b.indd

Why Aren’t They Here?: The Question of Life on Other Worlds
Icon Books, UK, 2007, hb / Icon Books, UK/Totem Books, USA, 2008, pb

From reviews
‘A masterpiece of science writing and journalism – in-your-face, direct and beautifully written … a gem of wisdom, scholarship and fun. Verma has the grace of great learning worn lightly.’  BBC Focus, UK

‘A calm, intelligent and witty survey of the history of mankind’s search for extraterrestrial life.’ Daily Mail, UK


14_Mosquitoes Dutch

15_Mosquitoes Japanese

16_Mosquitoes Korean

The Cause of Mosquitoes Sorrow: Beginnings, Blunders and Breakthroughs in Science
Icon Books, UK, 2007, pb

Dutch (Veen Magazines, 2008, pb) / Japanese (Chikumashobo, pb 2008) / Korean (Yeuleumsa Publishing, 2008, pb)

From Reviews
‘Verma assembles a punchy list … some entries are golden nuggets.’ New Scientist, UK

‘Each incident occupies a page of erudite and often witty information.’  The Sunday Age, Australia


18_BBB India

19_BBB Brazil

Beginnings, Blunders and Breakthroughs in Science

US Edition of The Cause of Mosquitoes’ Sorrow: Beginnings, Blunders and Breakthroughs in Science

MJF Books, New York, 2008, hb

Updated and Revised Editions

In English / Orient Paperbacks, India, 2015, pb

In Portuguese / Autêntica Editora/Gutenberg, Brazil, 2016, pb


22_SPT French

23_SPT Greek

24_SPT Korean





Sciernce little book Turkish

 The Little Book of Scientific Principles, Theories & Things

Australian edition / New Holland Publishers, Australia, 2005, pb; 2014, hb
UK edition / New Holland Publishers, UK, 2006, pb
US editions / Sterling Publishing, USA, 2006, pb / Metro Books, USA, 2008, hb
Indian edition / Orient Paperbacks, 2011, pb

Korean (Jisik-Naite Publishing, 2007, pb)
Farsi/Persian (Maziar Publications, 2008, pb)
Greek (Ellinika Grammata, 2009, pb)
French (Dunod, 2009, pb)
Chinese (Hunan Science & Technology Press, 2010, pb)
Portuguese (Autêntica Editora/Gutenberg, Brazil, 2011, pb)
Turkish (Tubitak Yayihlari, 2016, pb).

From Reviews
‘Verma writes with wit and clear enjoyment, demystifying the most difficult concepts.’  The Good Book Guide, UK

‘Verma’s remarkable little book combines hard practical worth with history and fun.’  Cosmos, Australia


30_Maths - Portuguese

29_Maths Indian

The Little Book of Maths Theorems, Theories & Things

New Holland Publishers, Australia, 2008, pb / Published in the US in 2009, pb

Indian edition / Orient Paperbacks, 2010, pb

Translation/ Portuguese (Autêntica Editora/Gutenberg, Brazil, 2013, pb)

From Reviews
‘This fun book is a great way to discover the wonder of maths.’ Cosmos, Australia

‘Despite complexities, the different mathematical theories have been handled with deftness … evoke the feeling of exciting narratives, the arguments sweep in epic style.’ Alive Magazine, India


32_Unscientific India


34_Unscientific Chinese

The Little Book of Unscientific Propositions, Theories & Things

New Holland Publishers (Australia and the UK), 2011, pb / Published in the US 2012, pb

Indian edition / Orient Paperbacks, 2012, pb

Chinese (Hunan Science & Technology Press, 2012, pb)
Portuguese (Autêntica Editora/Gutenberg, Brazil, pb, 2014)

From reviews
‘Verma, a science journalist, has a wicked sense of humour that makes this book a delight to read.’ The Daily Telegraph, Australia

‘This is a highly enjoyable and informative little book, exploring some of the more likely terrain between science and fruit loopery.’


Who Killed T. Rex?: Uncover the Mystery of the Vanished Dinosaurs

A popular science whodunit for children
New Holland Publishers, Australia, 2010, pb

From Reviews
‘Straightforward and entertaining (who doesn’t love a prehistoric mystery?) …  with detailed illustrations and lively prose, it’s a neat package for curious sleuths.’  The Sunday Age, Australia

‘This is an excellent book, a must for all school libraries’  Reading Times, Children’s Book Council of Australia

36_Book of the Mind

37_Mind book Italian

38_Mind Chinese

The Little Book of the Mind: How We Think and Why We Think

New Holland Publishers, Australia and the UK, 2012, pb

Italian (De Agostini, 2013, hb) / Chinese (Hunan Science & Technology Press, 2013, pb)

From Reviews
‘Surendra Verma has built a career out of writing short, sharp books that tinker with big issues of science and existence. This one tackles how brain works and why. It pooh-poohs myths such as the innate differences between male and female brains and tries to tell us why we feel dreadful when a lover dumps us … Verdict: science lite, but heaps of fun.’  The Herald Sun, Australia

‘Fascinating and entertaining … A great read for one and all.’

39_Learn & Unlearn

Learn & Unlearn: The novel way to rethink the things that matter in your life

New Holland Publishers, Australia and the UK, 2015, hb

From Reviews
‘A thoughtful and practical book.’ Daily Mercury, Australia

‘While not a life or attitude guide, it urges readers in a realistic, evidence-backed and subtly witty way to open up to new realties and possibilities by unlearning old habits and unhealthy behaviours, minus the condescending ‘how-to’ discourse that litters far too many bookshop shelves.’  The Retiree, Australia

40_Science in 100 Words

Science in 100 Words

Orient Paperbacks, India, 2015, pb

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Books published in the 1980s and 1990s

42_Everyday Chem


44_FSF Aus

45_CIM Dictionary

46_Science Dict

47_Info Tech